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Antholz Niedertal

1.135 - 2.538m
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Antholz Niedertal

1.135 - 2.538m

In a wide basin, in the midst of rich meadows and farmland lies Anterselva di Sotto, at 1,135m above sea level. The village has approximately 450 inhabitants, and contains a leisure park, bakery and grocery shop.

The Valley of Anterselva is located in a unique natural setting and surrounded at the end of the valley by the mighty summits of the Rieserferner group. Relaxation seekers also have a great time in Anterselva.
A short way before the Lake Anterselva is the Biathlon Centre, which hosts the annual Biathlon World Cup.

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Niederrasner Str. 35F, I-39030 Rasen/ Antholz

+39 0474 496269
+39 0474 498099
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