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Videos Sölden

Видео Sölden

Epic Contest Highlights | The Audi Nines presented by Falken 2018
7 months ago
eingetragen: 16.04.2018 - 247 Aufrufe

It’s a wrap: winners in seven categories were crowned at the Audi Nines presented by Falken in Sölden, Austria. After a week of film and photo sessions, the Public Contest Day was seriously epic. The male and female skiers and snowboarders, as well as the Ski- and Snowboard Crossers showed thrilling performances on the new SlopeX course as well as Big Air and Quarterpipe. With the exciting set-up and perfect weather conditions drawing more than 3,000 spectators to Tiefenbach Glacier, the riders gave it their all and showed everyone they were eager to progress their sports. Stay tuned for way, way more footage to drop.

Filmed by:

Jonas Schnürch
Manuel Rueda
Thomas Dunzendorfer
Thomas Schweighofer
Michael Haunschmidt
Julian Pinterelli
Davide Spina
Imanuel Thallinger
FX Pergola
Team Black Sheep
Sean Balmer
Mark von Roy

GoPro Team:
Alex Meliss
Amadeus Klage
Will Hodget

Edited by:
Sean Balmer & Michael Haunschmidt

Motion Graphics:
FX Pergola

Song: Recognition by Thom Franck | Curtis Clacey | Jamie Elder

Video Produced by:

For more info visit:

Andri Ragettli Top 2 Bottom I TAN 18
7 months ago
eingetragen: 13.04.2018 - 110 Aufrufe

This year's AudiNines presented by Falken course is the biggest one to date. Come and ride shotgun as Völkl Skis rider Andri Ragettli takes you for a wild ride from the top all the way to the bottom!

Andri Ragettli | Crazy Double Hi-5
7 months ago
eingetragen: 13.04.2018

A proper Hi-5 is just a mandatory way of greeting a good friend. This right here is Andri Ragettli's and James 'Woodsy' Wood's way of celebrating their friendship at the Audi Nines.

For more infos visit:

Produced by:

Epic Drone Race Highlights First Audi Nines Sessions
7 months ago
eingetragen: 13.04.2018 - 105 Aufrufe

Team BlackSheep took it to the skies once again at the Audi Nines presented by Falken. Hit play and enjoy the #AudiNines from above.

Filmed by: Team Black Sheep

Trailer 2018 | The Audi Nines presented by Falken
9 months ago
eingetragen: 01.02.2018 - 249 Aufrufe

From the 9th to the 14th of April, the Audi Nines presented by Falken provide the ultimate playground to the worlds best snow sports athletes in the history of the event—with the cutting-edge SlopeX concept, created by riders for riders. Aspiring talents have the chance to come to Sölden and ride SlopeX by entering the ‘Become a Nine’ video competition, while fans can be on site at the Public Contest Day in Sölden.

PistenBully at Work: Funslope Sölden - Webisode 2
3 years ago
eingetragen: 02.02.2017 - 1 563 Aufrufe

The crew around Andi and Steff goes on with the building of the Funslope Sölden. They give you a little personal insight on what motivates them, what they like about their job and later they go on with their daily business! <br /> Check it out and stay tuned, episode 2 will drop in about a week!<br /> <br /> www.pistenbully.com<br /> www.soelden.com<br /> www.shape-academy.com<br /> <br > Featured music available for download on https:/www.jamendo.com/de/artist/435483/veaceslav<br > Featured music available for download on https:/www.jamendo.com/de/artist/437566/10-code

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