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Penken Park

News/Blog Penken Park


Get ready – Penken Park ’s coming

09.01.2019, 17:02

Dear shred community, winter season is knocking on the door. Hopefully, you successfully studied the snowboard and skiing magazines to learn the freshest tricks of the season in theory. Maybe you also used the off-season to jump around like crazy on the trampoline of your local kids’ playground and brought your body into excellent shape, just like the Shape Academy does it with Penken Park. The days and your thermometer’s mercury tubes get shorter and all of you guys and girls know what that means: you can slowly get ready for party laps at Penken Park! Just like every year, the freestyle mecca expects many shred pilgrims from all over in Mayrhofen. Until then, all we can do is wait and pray for countless dumps of white gold.

And while we do so, we want to be as supportive as possible. How does that work best? Instead of playing the waiting game, we turn it into a time of, let’s say, joyful anticipation. We want to see happy faces and we hope that your shredrenaline level gets a boost when we give away this season’s...

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Penken Park Team Shooting – Ambassadors of the Send

03.04.2018, 14:37

20 years of Penken Park and 1 year of Penken Park Team. Reason enough to send the guys behind the team into the park to portray them from their best side. Also you will find out what the Penken Park Team is all about and what happens when riders and the railway company works together.

It is the end of March and one of the most important parks of the freestyle community in the Alps shines with top-conditions beneath finest bluebird-skies. Part of the scene: A photographer, a filmmaker and a bunch of smiling snowboarders. “It was perfect – dreamlike. The park really is in...

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20 years Penken Park

13.11.2017, 10:04

It actually sounds so unreal, but we are certainly not messing about – this winter, the legendary Penken Park in Mayrhofen is celebrating 20 years of the sickest shred action, 20 years of chilled-out community sessions, 20 years of top scene events, 20 years of the finest freestyle contests and 20 years of the sweetest after-shred parties one can ever imagine.

Some of the groms from the early days have turned into pros, some of them already have kids and are raising a strong, new generation of talented rookies, while others, who have succeeded in the big business, are now in charge of the entire building and maintaining process at the Penken Park. This...

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