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Лыжные гонки Saalfelden - Leogang

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Saalfelden - Leogang

790 m

Loipenplan Saalfelden - Leogang

Cross-country skiing through the Nordic Park

There’s more to winter than just Alpine skiing. Convince yourself by heading to the Nordic Park at Ritzensee lake in Saalfelden, an ideal place for all those keen on Nordic sports. At the Fun and Snow Park, children can learn to cross-country ski from scratch. Naturally, there are also courses for adults too, both in classic and skating style. Those with prior experience can set out to enjoy the numerous cross-country skiing trails around Ritzensee lake. Trails here range from easy to demanding and include, e.g. the “World Championship” cross-country skiing trail. This is the training ground for local pros like biathletes Simon Eder and Julian Eberhard. In total, the Saalfelden Leogang region boasts around 150 km of groomed crosscountry skiing trails and one of the biggest cross-country skiing events in Austria: the Ski Marathon in February, which is open to both professionals and amateurs alike. The frozen Ritzensee lake is the ideal place for outdoor ice skating in winter. If you’re keen for a short break, relax at one of the benches situated around the lake. From here you can enjoy a quiet view of the impressive Steinernes Meer plateau covered in white.


Free use of the cross-country skiing trails.

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+43 (0)6582 70660
Лыжни Обозрение
классические лыжни
106.6 km
80 km täglich top gepflegte Loipen für alle Ansprüche und jeden Stil
Конькобежные дорожки
106.6 km
150 km im zentralen Loipennetz
Высотные лыжни
9.5 km
Höhenloipe Grießen in Leogang
Лыжни с освещением
3.5 km
In Saalfelden Leogang gibt es 2 Flutlichtloipen: Flutlichtloipe Ritzensee | 1,8 km | leicht-mittelschwer Täglich bis 21.00 Uhr beleuchtet Nachtloipe Leogang | 1,7 km | leicht Täglich bis 22.00 Uhr beleuchtet
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Saalfelden-Leogang Touristik

Mittergasse 21a, A-5760 Saalfelden

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