BERGFEX: Лыжный район An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg - Лыжный отпуск An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg

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Лыжный район An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg

800 - 840m
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An der dürren Fichte /...

800 - 840m

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An der Tubing-Anlage steht ein beheiztes Zelt, das mehr als 30 Gästen Platz bietet, um sich aufzuwärmen oder mit leckeren Speisen und Getränken vom Imbiss zu stärken.

Лыжный район An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg

The Skicenter " Dürre Fichte " in Siegmundsburg is an ideal place to take the first steps on skis and at the same time a good place for the entire family to meet , relax and experience something. The snow-sure hang features a long slope ( approx. 350 m long ) , relatively flat where children and the entire family feel comfortable in any case. To avoid in the future any kind of problems related to the use of the ski-lift  there is, next to the " Kindergartenlift " , the possibility for the youngest to practice in a 100m long stretch.
A quick learning success is garanteed by local ski schools and ski rentals.
For all the more experienced on skis there is the possibility to experience a forest-slope as well as a moguled-slope. For those who are looking for more action  the " Snow-tubing grounds "  are the right place. They are located directly by the slope start. 
The  " Tubing-grounds " are operating all year round and have the first " Tubing-hill" of Germany.
During winter season the " Tubing-grounds " are open on Saturdays till 10pm under floodlights.
The ski-lift is also the starting point of the cross - country ski tours along the prepared ski trails.
If you want to have a quick lunch you will find an 
" Imbiss " next to the ski-lift and another one next to the " Tubing-grounds ".
Parking areas are located close to the ski-lift, next to the " Snow-Tubing-grounds "  and also at the town exit of Siegmundsburg, direction Friedrichshöhe.

Контакт Лыжный район An der dürren Fichte / Siegmundsburg

Tubing & Skilift Siegmundsburg
Hiftenberg 32, D-98724 Neuhaus OT Siegmundsburg

+49 (0)171 3221537
Снежный телефон
+49 (0)800 7236488
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